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9 Easy Steps to Embellishing Fonts in Inkscape ~ with swirls, curls, and flourishes

Written By: eyedrawit - Oct• 20•14
Info graph ~ how to embellish fonts

Embellishing Fonts in Inkscape…. with Swirls, Curls, and, Flourishes

I see a lot of people asking questions on various forums regarding how to embellish fonts.  Here is an infograph showing how I use Inkscape to get the effects I want. If you follow these 9 easy steps you’ll end up with a font you can use for a multitude of purposes, but what I usually am looking for is a font I can cut out of vinyl and this method works great for me!

I hope you enjoy my infograph. Please share with others and/or leave me a comment if you find it helpful.

Happy Drawing.


Whimsical Jars ~ Yellow and Black Bike

Written By: eyedrawit - Oct• 17•14
Picture of glass jar with yellow lid and yellow and black bike


I love to create stuff. Sometimes I create to solve a problem or fill a need. Sometimes I just create. Today…. I let my creativity lead me.

My daughter found me these great jars with colorful metal lids. The glass is thick and has an old look to it. As soon as I saw them, I knew I could make something fun out of them with a little vinyl. Here is one I completed today to add to my Esty store. The bike is my design which… of course …I created in Inkscape.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy drawing.


How to Add a Drop Shadow in Inkscape

Written By: eyedrawit - Oct• 08•14


Infograph ~ How to Create a Drop Shadow in Inkscape

Inkscape ~ Create a Drop Shadow-

I hope you find my little Infograph on “How to Create a Drop Shadow” helpful. The intent here is to get you started. There is a lot more you can do with this idea, including adding a little blur to it. Have some fun with it and see what you can come up with.

Happy drawing.



Inkscaping a Little Autumn ~ Because… It’s Fall Y’all!

Written By: eyedrawit - Oct• 01•14

Happy October! If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know I love this time of year. The crisp air, the pumpkins, the smell of the leaves, the beautiful colors…. it’s just all so energizing! I LOVE it!

It can be difficut to get people to visit us way up here in the north country. That is especially true in the winter time…. which can make for a lonely Christmas. And when no one is going to visit…. well, it’s just not as much fun to decorate. But, I know we will be getting some company this fall so I decided now is the time to spruce things up a bit and celebrate the season.

Up-Cycled Window for Autumn

Autumn Window

I wanted to do something different with the fireplace mantle. I used an old window that I’ve had sitting around and added some vinyl and some mini canvas pennants.

When I finished it and put it on the mantle, I wasn’t sure I liked the colors I used.

A Little Subway for Fall

A Little Subway for Fall

I need to decorate the porch as well so I made this Fall Subway Art to use out there. As you can see, I decided to try it out on the mantle as well. Now I can’t decide which one looks best there and which one should go outside! Anyone want to share their opinion? I’d appreciate it!

If you’d like a free SVG of the “Fall Subway Art” file, just leave a comment and I’ll send one off to you. If you want to take a look at more of my recent work, check out my Facebook pages here and here. And please “Like” my page while you’re there.

Happy drawing.


Red Cabin Studio, Eye Draw It, and Facebook

Written By: eyedrawit - Aug• 22•14

I can’t seem to find time to get posts done lately. But, if you’d like to see what I’ve been doing with Inkscape lately, take a look at my online store here, or my Facebook pages here and here. If you like what I have to share, please “Like” my Facebook pages.

Happy drawing!