10 Steps to a Family Reunion Logo Design

Family Reunion Logo Design - Invitation
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Here in northern Michigan, summer is right around the corner!  It’s the long-awaited time of year when families get together to enjoy each other… and (weather permitting) the outdoors. This “togetherness” sometimes includes a family reunion. Tons of work goes into planning an event like this, and it can be hard to know where to start.

A unique family reunion logo design will give you direction as you decide on an invitation style, yard decorations, welcome banner, tee shirts, and anything else you can think of to make the event extra special.

Step 1

Is your event casual or formal? This is important when you are thinking about a logo. You don’t want a casual image to represent your more formal event… or the other way around.

Step 2

Once you’ve decided whether the event is casual or formal, think about a theme. The location may help you with this. Is it near water? …the theme might be nautical; at a park? …. how about a tree, or even playground equipment; at a family home? …. you could use an image of the house. You get the idea.

Step 3

Step 3 is helpful… but not crucial if you already have a pretty good idea what you want.

If you still need to do a little brainstorming, you can search Google,  Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Just type something like, “tree invitation”, “nautical design”, “casual family reunion design”. It may be a little more tricky to find what you like if you want a more formal feel to your logo. If so, try looking at other kinds of invitations, such as a wedding or anniversary.

Maybe as you complete this process you’ll find the perfect logo you can purchase online, and this will free you up to move on to other things. There are lots of designers out there! But if not, keep reading and I’ll show you how to use your idea and some free design software to make your own.

By the way… I have to say it… PLEASE don’t copy and paste someone else’s logo. Designs take hours… often days to complete. It’s simply wrong to steal a design from someone else… unless of course it as offered for free.

Step 4

To create your family reunion logo, you will need to download a drawing program called Inkscape. Inkscape is a free,” open source” design software program, and you can download the latest version here.

Step 5

Now, I recommend that you download my free family reunion logo template. This will help you get an idea of size, placement, etc.

Step 6

Family Reunion Logo DesignOkay… so here’s the fun part. Open the file you downloaded. It should look something like this. The font used here is “Elephant”. If you don’t have that font, yours will look different, but it really doesn’t matter. You can use whatever font your want.

Step 7

Family Reunion Logo Design Name
Select Name

Make sure the Select and Transform arrow is clicked, and then click on “JONES”. Now find Text in the menu bar. Text > Text and Font. 

Change Text to your Family NameYou will see the Text and Font box. Make sure the Text tab is selected. This is where you can change the text from JONES to your family name…. unless of course your last name is JONES!

You can select the Font tab to change your font. You can also make other font adjustments here, including font size. But don’t worry too much about size, because you can also adjust the size of the entire text. Just make sure it is selected on your page and drag the corner arrows.

Use the same process to change the other text. Text can also be moved by dragging while it is selected on your page.

Step 8

Now you need to select and delete the anchor that I used for a sample, unless of course you want to use it in your family reunion logo design. After you delete the anchor design, go to File > Import Clipart.

Free Clipart for your Family Reunion Logo Design

Here you can search for free clipart for your logo design. When you find what you want, just click Import. You can now re-size and move the clipart as needed.

If you don’t find what you want, you can always look for an image to purchase. Images can be purchased on sites such as Etsy, and are usually inexpensive.

Most raster file formats can be imported to Inkscape, but keep in mind that if you import a raster image it may distort some as you re-size it.  For best results, use an SVG file.

Step 9

Drag around your entire design so that all parts are selected. Object > Group. To keep the aspect ratio as you re-size, make sure the Lock icon on your Menu Bar is selected. You can also choose your unit of measurement on the Menu Bar. I usually set mine to “inches”.  Now drag to re-size.


Step 10

Now you can export your design as a PNG. This will allow you to print it out.

If you plan to print out your design in more than one size, I suggest you re-size as needed for each application before you export. The reason for this is that the Inkscape design is a vector image. Once it is exported as a PNG, it will be a raster image. Vector designs can be re-sized without any distortion. Re-sizing after exporting as a raster image may cause some pixelation.

Now you have a family reunion logo design you can use to design some awesome items! Get creative!



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