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Thrift Store, Silhouette Cameo, and Vinyl

Written By: eyedrawit - Sep• 19•13

upcycled and vinyl.JPGHere are a few easy projects I created using my Silhouette Cameo, a little bit of vinyl, and a few thrift store finds. I probably have about $1.00 wrapped up in all three. The glass jar and the old box were very easy to complete. I just used the Silhouette Studio software as there was no drawing involved.wpid-Live-Laugh-Love-Jar.png


The bike was a little tricky, and it didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted, but I still think it’s cute. I used a design that I had drawn in Inkscape for this, but had to do a lot of work to it in order to cut it out in three colors. Also, I had to think about which parts were going to be weeded out after cutting the vinyl. (If you’ve cut anything complicated you know what I mean!)

Oops! I almost forgot the vintage butter dish “Welcome” sign. The design is from Silhouette but I modified it (with an X acto knife) after I cut it. I have it sitting on a half table in my entryway. Cute, eh?


Happy drawing!


It’s Pumpkin Time!

Written By: eyedrawit - Sep• 18•13

girl with pumpkinIt is starting to feel a lot like autumn. I love the cooler temperatures and it’s so nice to see the leaves changing.  And… there are so many fun things to draw that relate to this time of year. If you like my “Pumpkins for Sale” Inkscape  illustration, help yourself to the free SVG.

Pumpkins 25 cents

Happy drawing.


Another Simple Shrinky Dink Card

Written By: eyedrawit - Sep• 10•13

I had so much fun making my Shrinky Dink cards that I thought I’d try one for the Runway Inspired Challenge. The black on the Shrinky Dinks is again done with a fine Sharpie in my Silhouette Cameo. The yellow is colored pencil.

If you want to try this, let me share a tip with you. I made another design that I really liked, but while the Silhouette was doing the drawing it was rolling back and forth over the design with one of the little black track wheels. (Not sure what they are called.) It ended up slightly smearing the ink. I removed most of it with some nail polish remover before I baked it, but it still showed up on the finished product. Next time I will be more careful about how I place the designs so that doesn’t happen.

Happy drawing.


Inkscape, Silhouette, and Shrinky Dinks

Written By: eyedrawit - Sep• 09•13

I had been searching for Inkjet Shrinky Dinks but was unable to locate them. I finally found them at a Hobby Lobby while I was downstate visiting Mom. I wanted to see how some of my Inkscape graphics would look on one of those cutie patootie little shrinkable plastic thingies. Oh what fun!

The teeny, tiny little bike is one of my Inkscape designs printed using our inkjet printer. Pretty cute, eh?  Oh….. but my favorite one is the black and white. I decided to try using a pen (Sharpie fine point) in my Silhouette. I changed my bike design to a black and white line drawing and opened in my Silhouette Studio. After tracing with the software, I had double lines, but I didn’t mind that. So I inserted the pen in place of the blade and let the Silhouette do it’s thing. Wha-la!

After baking and letting them cool, I sprayed each Shrinky Dink with a clear sealer. Then, each got a couple of coats of gloss finish. I wasn’t sure what to do with them when I was done. I had punched holes in the sides of the bigger one, so I grabbed some leftover card stock from our daughter’s wedding invitations, a little ribbon, and made a little note card. The little bike was attached to another note card.

There are so many things that could be done with these. I’m thinking place cards for the holidays….?

Happy drawing.


Fun with Silhouette Cameo and Vinyl Wall Art

Written By: eyedrawit - Sep• 04•13

Have you ever noticed that life never slows down? It just keeps rolling along. We can choose what we do with our time and we can determine what our attitude will be regarding the the passage of time…. but we certainly can do nothing to slow it down.

As I worked in my craft room this week, I was blessed to have my mom sitting beside me. She was happy to read, work puzzles, and enjoy the occasional cat nap, and I was happy to have her there with me. Spending time with Mom was another reminder that time marches on and life “is a vapor”.

It was great to finish up a couple projects this week. One of them is a gift, so I won’t go into details. But I can tell you about some wall fun wall vinyl I created. I’ve wanted to do something over our bed and decided to draw a tree branch with a cardinal perched on it. I used Inkscape for the drawing. The bird is designed in two layers, with the background being black and the top layer red. The rest of the design is all black. I think I might add just a touch of white to the eye for a bit of dimension, but it probably isn’t necessary. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut it out. I was a little nervous as I had to divide the design into four parts and it was still quite large. But the Silhouette handled it just fine and it fit together perfectly.

The quote I added isn’t very original, but I think it’s kind of cute.

Happy drawing… and always kiss the one you love goodnight.