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Inkscape Print on Canvas

Written By: eyedrawit - May• 29•13

It seems “Old Man Winter” is not giving up his grip on us here in the north country without a fight. With the weather most unsuitable for getting my flowers planted there is only one thing to do: get crafty!

I wanted to try printing on canvas again. I have artist canvas that I’ve run through my inkjet printer in the past with less than desirable results. The problem I experienced was that the ink bleeds; the darker the color, the worse it bleeds. But this time I had better luck.

I decided to try spraying a clear finish on the canvas before printing on it. If you look closely you can see that the ink still bled a little bit. I’m not sure if I didn’t get enough clear finish on the canvas…. or perhaps it wasn’t quite dry enough when I printed on it. Next time I’ll try letting the first coat dry thoroughly and then spray on a second coat before printing.

The frame is a plastic three dollar frame that I painted and distressed. The crackle finish was an accident. After painting the frame and roughing it up with some sandpaper, I sprayed it with a clear finish. Apparently the clear coat was not compatible with the base coat… thus the crackle. But I LIKE it! The print I used was designed in Inkscape.… of course!

For a free SVG of “Tuesday is for Ironing”, click here. (Free SVG is slightly different than the design shown in this post.)

Happy drawing.




Inkscape Christmas Wreath ~ Free SVG

Written By: eyedrawit - Dec• 18•12

Enjoy another free Christmas SVG.

Happy drawing.


Free SVG ~ Baby Blue Christmas

Written By: eyedrawit - Dec• 13•12

It looks like Frosty and Rudolph are getting acquainted!

I love drawing Christmas illustrations using Inkscape and since it’s the season of giving, I’m giving a bunch of them away! Here is another one for you. Feel free to download the SVG.

Happy drawing!


Free Inkscape SVG ~ Snowy Merry Christmas

Written By: eyedrawit - Dec• 09•12

I do love a white Christmas. Here’s a link my Inkscape Snowy Merry Christmas.

Happy drawing.


Free Retro Christmas SVG

Written By: eyedrawit - Nov• 29•12

Celebrate the wonder of the Christmas season with a free Christmas Inkscape vector. Download my Retro Christmas SVG.

Happy drawing.