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Wedding Guest Book, Jenga-Style

Written By: eyedrawit - Aug• 07•13

Our daughter Angie, wanted a Jenga Style “guest book” for her wedding last summer, so she asked her talented brother to make her one.

Jake is a perfectionist. Simply making the game pieces would just not be good enough for his sister and her hubby. He wanted to personalize the game pieces and he asked me for help. Since I had already designed the wedding invitations,I incorporated part of that Inkscape design into the graphic for the blocks. I sent the design to rubberstamps.net to have a rubber stamp made. They did a wonderful job making the stamp and I would definitely use them again.

Using the stamp and dark brown ink, Jake adorned each piece with the bride and groom’s names, the date of their wedding, and two little birdies . They turned out beautifully and the graphic actually looks like it is burned into the wood. Jake also made a beautiful wood box and stand which you can view here.

The guestbook was a hit and has made a wonderful keepsake for Jon and Angie.

Happy drawing.


Inkscape Print on Canvas

Written By: eyedrawit - May• 29•13

It seems “Old Man Winter” is not giving up his grip on us here in the north country without a fight. With the weather most unsuitable for getting my flowers planted there is only one thing to do: get crafty!

I wanted to try printing on canvas again. I have artist canvas that I’ve run through my inkjet printer in the past with less than desirable results. The problem I experienced was that the ink bleeds; the darker the color, the worse it bleeds. But this time I had better luck.

I decided to try spraying a clear finish on the canvas before printing on it. If you look closely you can see that the ink still bled a little bit. I’m not sure if I didn’t get enough clear finish on the canvas…. or perhaps it wasn’t quite dry enough when I printed on it. Next time I’ll try letting the first coat dry thoroughly and then spray on a second coat before printing.

The frame is a plastic three dollar frame that I painted and distressed. The crackle finish was an accident. After painting the frame and roughing it up with some sandpaper, I sprayed it with a clear finish. Apparently the clear coat was not compatible with the base coat… thus the crackle. But I LIKE it! The print I used was designed in Inkscape.… of course!

For a free SVG of “Tuesday is for Ironing”, click here. (Free SVG is slightly different than the design shown in this post.)

Happy drawing.




Inkscape Christmas Wreath ~ Free SVG

Written By: eyedrawit - Dec• 18•12

Enjoy another free Christmas SVG.

Happy drawing.


Free SVG ~ Baby Blue Christmas

Written By: eyedrawit - Dec• 13•12

It looks like Frosty and Rudolph are getting acquainted!

I love drawing Christmas illustrations using Inkscape and since it’s the season of giving, I’m giving a bunch of them away! Here is another one for you. Feel free to download the SVG.

Happy drawing!


Free Inkscape SVG ~ Snowy Merry Christmas

Written By: eyedrawit - Dec• 09•12

I do love a white Christmas. Here’s a link my Inkscape Snowy Merry Christmas.

Happy drawing.