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Hello there and welcome to eyedrawit!

My name is Laurianne and I’m the author of this blog.  I’m  a wife , mom to two grown children, and a proud grandma to three little princesses and a handsome little prince.  I currently work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, serving the geriatric population. Previously I spent several years providing Occupational Therapy in a wonderful school based Autism program.  It was during that time that I began drawing vector art.

My position as a therapist in the Autism program required me to set up systems for some terrific kids that were having trouble getting the most out of their school day.  Many of the kids I worked with responded best when information was provided to them visually, and sometimes that required pictures. Unfortunately, I couldn’t always find the images I was looking for by doing a web search.  I was at a loss until I figured out that I could make some pretty effective simple drawings using shapes in Microsoft Word.

My drawings helped, but I wanted to be able to expand on what I was able to draw.  My son noticed what I was doing and suggested I try Inkscape.  I had learned enough through using shapes in Word that it was not difficult for me to get started with Inkscape.  I have been drawing with this and a couple other programs ever since.

Although eyedrawit will be focusing mostly on drawing in Inkscape , I do occasionally use GIMP, and Print Shop Pro 9  if I can’t quite get the look I want.  I also have a Craft Robo plotter/cutter  Silhouette Cameo and KNK Zing that I use to cut out images, illustrations, fonts and shapes and other media. ( For specific information on using Inkscape along with your plotter or personal cutting machine, take a look at inkscapecuttingdesign.com.)

I will do my best to provide you with meaningful tutorials. I am learning as I go…. both with Inkscape and blogging, so let me know which posts are helpful and which ones are not.

I hope you enjoy my blog and come back often to visit. You can also visit me at the following sites:




Happy drawing, and may God bless you richly!


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  1. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs- I’m sure they will help me with developing a logo, etc for my webpage. I can manipulate photos, but I have yet to learn how to “draw” using the computer.

  2. Hi!
    I saw that you follow me on blogger, thanks!
    I read your blog, and I have to admit that you creating beautiful images and vectors. But The best of all is that you create vectors with Inkscape, I mean most people decide for adobe illustrator. I would have liked to stay in touch, can you send your e-mail, of corse only if you like. My e-mail is loro.res@gmail.com. Have a nice day and thanks aggen for following me

  3. Dear friend! I am truly impressed by your work. I started to explore Inkscape a few weeks ago and really got hooked. I learn new techniques every day and enjoy it. My final project is to illustrate my children stories that I write. One of my stories is about a turtle in the sea etc. I struggle many days trying to draw a sea without much of success. I would greatly appreciate any ideas that would help me to create a nice picture of sea, ocean, water etc. It can be looking sketchy, realistically, any possible creative way. Thank you very mush for sharing… Irina

    1. Thank you Irina. I have a drawing that I think might help you out…. but for some reason I haven’t been able to find it. Hah! …. and I thought I had my files so organized! Anyway, I’m glad you like my work.

  4. I’m designing the programs for my upcoming wedding. While Googling for simple, nature-themed images, I found this post of yours, with the little bird sitting on a branch. http://www.eyedrawit.com/?p=1544

    Would you mind if I used that image (specifically the file “bird-on-branch-for-tutorial.png”) in my wedding programs? I think it would make a great image for the cover! I could pay some kind of licensing fee if you would like.


    1. Jackie,

      I actually designed the bird on branch for my daughter’s wedding invitations last year. You are welcome to use it, and I appreciate you asking me first. Here is a link to her invitations if you’d like to take a look. If you can give me credit for the design, I’d appreciate it but it’s not necessary.


      1. Beautiful invitations! Ours won’t be nearly that snazzy, but I’ll definitely credit you for the picture. Thanks!


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