Learn How to Draw a Tree Branch

I posted this tutorial in 2012 to help folks learn how to draw a tree branch. I recently discovered the link was broken. It had gotten a lot of interest initially, and thought I would post it again in case some might again find it helpful.

If you are not familiar with Inkscape, it is an open source (free) program that is worth downloading. I do almost all of my drawing using this program, and have for at least 10 years.

I hope you enjoy my little Inkscape tutorial, “How to Draw a Tree Branch”.

Happy Drawing and Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Create Sketches With Inkscape

How to Create Sketches with Inkscape
Pumpkin Sketch

I love to create sketches with Inkscape. Sketches are simple to draw and have a kind of vintage appeal. It’s fun to import them into my cutter program and draw them out using my KNK Zing or Silhouette Cameo.

Sketches are easy to create using Inkscape, once you get the hang of a couple simple tools. Of course, the detail can be tricky using a traditional mouse. I have a Wacom Intuos tablet and pen which I use for drawings such as this. But, having said that, it still is possible with a mouse or touch pad. If you know how to draw lines using the freehand tool, or the bezier/straight line tool, you can sketch. If you need a little help getting started with lines and curves, look here for some simple tips.

When creating sketches, experiment using little lines and shapes for shading. Think about how the light would naturally hit the objects in your illustration. Make little hash lines where you want shadows, decreasing the lines and making them farther apart where the shadows decrease. This will help your drawing have some depth and shape.

Have some fun with this. Don’t take it too seriously. I love experimenting with different techniques to see what I can create.

If you’d like a copy of my free SVG, help yourself.

Happy Drawing!



9 Easy Steps to Embellishing Fonts in Inkscape ~ with swirls, curls, and flourishes

Info graph ~ how to embellish fonts
Embellishing Fonts in Inkscape…. with Swirls, Curls, and, Flourishes

I see a lot of people asking questions on various forums regarding how to embellish fonts.  Here is an infograph showing how I use Inkscape to get the effects I want. If you follow these 9 easy steps you’ll end up with a font you can use for a multitude of purposes, but what I usually am looking for is a font I can cut out of vinyl and this method works great for me!

I hope you enjoy my infograph. Please share with others and/or leave me a comment if you find it helpful.

Happy Drawing.


How to Add a Drop Shadow in Inkscape


Infograph ~ How to Create a Drop Shadow in Inkscape
Inkscape ~ Create a Drop Shadow-

I hope you find my little Infograph on “How to Add a Drop Shadow” helpful. The intent here is to get you started. There is a lot more you can do with this idea, including adding a little blur to it. Have some fun with it and see what you can come up with.

Happy drawing.



Inkscape Techniques ~ Make Simple Changes to Your Drawing

Here is an infograph showing various ways to use the same basic illustration. The intent here is not to instruct in the various techniques, but rather to help you brainstorm some ideas.

None of the illustrations here have been drawn or cut out at this time so it is possible they need a little editing. However, I wanted to give you some suggestions that you can build on.  For those of you that have less experience with Inkscape, I hope to add more tutorials in the future that give additional information about how to accomplish these results.


elephant 4 techniques

Happy drawing!