Celebrating My Irish Heritage with St. Patrick’s Day Clipart

I, like many other Americans, don’t know a lot about my heritage. I do know that my mother’s maternal grandparents migrated from Sweden. I believe the other side of her family traces their roots to Scotland.

On my father’s side of the family, I don’t know the history of his maternal grandparents, but I do know that his father’s family roots are with the Scots-Irish (also known as Scotch-Irish or Ulster-Irish). I know this because I had a great aunt that lived into her 90s that was very interested in family history and passed down to me what she knew.

I am not posting today to bore you with my family history. But, since it is almost time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would honor my Irish heritage with some free clipart. Help yourself to my Inkscape Potted Shamrock.

Happy drawing.



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  1. OMG laurianne I didn’t see the raindrops and the roots until I downloaded and opened the file in Inkscape. It is even more glorious now that I can really see what a wonderfully creative project it really is.,

    Thanks so much.

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