Etched Glass Designs Created with Inkscape

Etched Glass Designs on Transom WindowThere are so many uses for etched glass designs, and I really love the look. So when I wanted to do something extra special on a transom window in our house, I opted for faux etched vinyl to illustrate a memory from my childhood.

Etched Glass Designs
Etched Glass Designs

Do you have a KNK ZingSilhouette Cameo, or another electronic cutter that can cut SVGs? If so, you can create an original, beautiful “etched glass” scene. If you don’t already have a design software that you are accustomed to, I highly recommend that you download Inkscape, a free, Open Source software.

If you are new to digital design, and specifically Inkscape,  you’ll want to follow some tutorials as you learn. There are tutorials here on my site, as well as lots of other places on the internet. Just search “Inkscape tutorials”.

Even if you are not yet a designer, you can import lots of free clip art right from Inkscape. File > Import Clip Art

There are many sources for good etched glass vinyl. I have purchased from here and here to use for my glass etched designs.Etched Glass Designs on Transom Window

You’ll also need transfer paper which is available from many companies, including the two I linked to above.

A little squeegee is helpful, but a credit card or the edge of a wooden craft stick will work as well.

Cut your vinyl and weed out the extra. If you have never cut vinyl before, I suggest you do a little research online.

I have also posted on this project on the Team KNK website, so if you own a KNK Zing, you’ll find the settings I used here. Or check out another project I posted here.

Carefully apply your transfer tape and burnish carefully with squeegee.

Peel back the vinyl backing and carefully apply to glass. Burnish.

Peel off transfer tape …. and be amazed at the beauty you have created!

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Happy Drawing…. and cutting.






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