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Inkscape ~ Girl on “Citrus Bike”

Written By: eyedrawit - Oct• 20•13
Citrus Cruiser

Citrus Cruiser

We have a tiny house that we stay in while I work my winter job. I am decorating it with a bicycle theme so I’m having fun using Inkscape to draw bike illustrations. I saw a picture of a half orange and the thought came to me that it looked like a bike wheel. So…. I thought it would be fun to draw a bike with “citrus wheels”.

If you’d like a free  SVG of a half orange, click here.

Citrus Half

Citrus Half

Happy drawing.


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  1. PapaSue says:

    How clever of you! Love it. TKS

  2. Carolyn says:

    I agree with Susan, very clever.

  3. eyedrawit says:

    Lol…. thanks Carolyn.

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