Inkscape Stitchin’…. Creating Faux Applique

scanned fabric pigs stitched onto background

Today was a good day! Temperatures in the low 60s along with wind, qualified the day as a no guilt craft room day! Sunshiny days above 70 degrees may occasionally be spent crafting…. but there is often a bit of guilt for being inside on such a day.

I love appliques, so I thought I’d play around with making some digital appliques. Here is my first attempt.  The pigs are clipped from a scan of a vintage linen tea towel. I used dashed strokes for the stitching. This is fun… give it a try!

Happy drawing.


I wrote this post a few days ago but didn’t get around to publishing it. I’m having fun playing around more with the idea. I’ll post pictures later and will try to get a tutorial together to highlight some of the Inkscape features I used.

2 Replies to “Inkscape Stitchin’…. Creating Faux Applique”

  1. Impressive. I love how you are creative and keep coming up with new ideas.

    The scan of a real fabric gives it such a realistic look. I like the little touch added to the stitching on the blue section that looks like real sewing when reverse stitching is done. Very creative indeed.

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