Rainy Day

I have a new appreciation for rainy days.  I think it might have something to do with spending time in the southwestern part of the country the past couple of years.  Living in the desert does make a person long for the sound of rain on the roof, and the fresh, clean smell after the rain.  Another thing I like about the rain is that I can spend time in my craft room without a bit of guilt.

So here I am, tucked away in my favorite space.  However, I’m not drawing, crafting, or creating anything.  I’m orgainizing.  I LOVE to organize.  In fact, sometimes I would rather organize my room than work in it!

Look below to see before and after the morning clean-up.  Ahhhhh…… That’s much better.

messy craft roompicture of cleaned up craft room

Tweaking the Template

Photo of changed template taped to wallI found a little time yesterday to work on my vinyl wall project.  I changed the vase, made the stems a little thinner, and added text. Here is a picture of the revised template taped to the wall. (Part of the text didn’t cut out quite right because I had it too close to the edge of the paper. But it still worked fine for giving me a visual.”) I like this vase much better than the previous one…. which really looked more like a pot.

When I was satisfied with how it looked I started cutting the vinyl out with the Craft Robo. Today I’ll apply the transfer paper and hopefully get it on the wall!

Happy drawing.


Wall Vinyl and a “Tug-O-War”

It’s been a “Tug-O-War” all afternoon between wanting to be outside in the beautiful weather, and also wanting to get started cutting vinyl for my wall. I’m afraid the warm, sunny day won out.  The summers are just too short here to let a day like this pass without at least getting outside for part of the day.

paper template taped to wallI did spend some time working on my project.  I finished cleaning up some nodes in Inkscape and then used my Craft Robo to do a practice cut on paper.  I was really tempted to skip this step, but I knew better and I’m glad I took the time to do it.  I then taped the paper template to the wall. You can see by the picture that it still needs some work.

I’ll make the stems a little thinner and add some more text.  I might also change the vase to make it taller and thinner.  Hmmm, I think I’ll have to “sleep on that”.

I’m excited about getting this done.  The wall has needed something and I think this is going to work out great. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Happy drawing!


Vinyl Wall Art…. I Hope…

photo of flowers against the ocean

I recently took this picture while traveling along the Pacific coast. I like the color of the water and the way the dried flowers are silhouetted against it. I love stuff like that! Anyway, it inspired me to try something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but haven’t gotten around to.

Today I’m designing some wall art by tracing the flowers in the picture using the Inkscape pen tool.  I’ll have to modify it some because the flowers are too dainty for cutting. I’m not sure how thin I can cut the vinyl with my Craft Robo without it tearing or stretching when I apply it to the wall. I’ve posted this question on the Inscape Cutting Design forum. I’ll bet someone there will be able to give me some tips as I go along with the project.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Oh… by the way… for those of you that have personal cutting machines, La.La.Studio has some really nice free downloads right now.  You might want to take a look.

Happy drawing!