Rainy Day

I have a new appreciation for rainy days.  I think it might have something to do with spending time in the southwestern part of the country the past couple of years.  Living in the desert does make a person long for the sound of rain on the roof, and the fresh, clean smell after the rain.  Another thing I like about the rain is that I can spend time in my craft room without a bit of guilt.

So here I am, tucked away in my favorite space.  However, I’m not drawing, crafting, or creating anything.  I’m orgainizing.  I LOVE to organize.  In fact, sometimes I would rather organize my room than work in it!

Look below to see before and after the morning clean-up.  Ahhhhh…… That’s much better.

messy craft roompicture of cleaned up craft room

3 Replies to “Rainy Day”

  1. Love your craft room! And I agree- I love rainy days and the fact that you can sit and craft all day without guilt!

  2. Your craft room looks great.
    I am another one guilty of spending the day organising and I find it is just as relaxing as crafting.

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