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Inkscape illustration of scarecrow with flowersI have had a busy couple of weeks, but it’s been great! We had a chance to spend some quality time with our kids and 3 little princesses. That is always a wonderful experience… there’s nothing better than investing time in the lives of those we love! Second only to spending time with family was the great autumn color we saw as we traveled. All I can say is, God is surely an awesome artist!

Of course coming back from our vacation means… back to work. Staffing is low because it seems no one wants to come to the north country to work as we head into our long winter. So, of course I have been busy, busy. All of this to say, I have missed working on tutorials and blogging, and am hoping to get back to it after a work conference I am attending this weekend.

In spite of the fact I’ve been quiet on the blogging front, I have been working behind the scenes when I can squeeze in a little time for it. I’ve made a change to the appearance of my blog and have moved it’s location to here. Although it still needs some work, I’d love to know what you think.

A couple of weeks ago I offered a free SVG of my Windy Scarecrow. Now here he is again on a sunny day. Click here if you’d like the SVG.

Happy drawing.




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