Route 66 Clipart

There are good things….. and there are bad things about traveling.  When we are away from home, we are even farther away from our 3 princesses…. and THAT is a bad thing. Oh how we miss those sweet girls! We miss our kids and the rest of our family too. I miss my house and my craft room. I miss our church and our friends. Once in a while I even miss snow!

However, there are plenty of good things about traveling too. Of course it is great to experience the sunshine that is so abundant in the southwestern part of the country. We also enjoy driving around seeing new things. I think it is especially fun to see sights along the famous Route 66. Having a love for all things vintage, I am a happy girl as camera in hand, I find old motels and signs, cars, gas stations with the vintage style pumps, etc. Even the junkyards fascinate me with the old cars and parts that have not rusted away as they would in the Midwest.

In honor of Route 66, help yourself to a free SVG of my vintage motel sign drawn in Inkscape.

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