Wedding Guest Book, Jenga-Style

Our daughter Angie, wanted a Jenga Style “guest book” for her wedding last summer, so she asked her talented brother to make her one.

Jake is a perfectionist. Simply making the game pieces would just not be good enough for his sister and her hubby. He wanted to personalize the game pieces and he asked me for help. Since I had already designed the wedding invitations,I incorporated part of that Inkscape design into the graphic for the blocks. I sent the design to to have a rubber stamp made. They did a wonderful job making the stamp and I would definitely use them again.

Using the stamp and dark brown ink, Jake adorned each piece with the bride and groom’s names, the date of their wedding, and two little birdies . They turned out beautifully and the graphic actually looks like it is burned into the wood. Jake also made a beautiful wood box and stand which you can view here.

The guestbook was a hit and has made a wonderful keepsake for Jon and Angie.

Happy drawing.


Inkscape Paint Bucket

I’ve been playing around with Inkscape’s paint bucket tool and I am so excited! Here is my Vintage Bride again but this time with some extra effects created with the paint bucket. I don’t have a tutorial for you… yet, but Kay over at Clever Someday has some wonderful tips her informative video. Take a look and be amazed at what you can do!

Happy drawing!


An Inkscape Vintage Bride

We were blessed with the wedding of our beautiful daughter to her handsome groom this summer. Our bride chose a vintage theme and planned an outdoor wedding and reception. We enjoyed a beautiful day and wonderful time with friends and family.

In honor of our “original princess” (not to be confused with our three little princesses mentioned in previous posts), I’ve drawn this simple bride in Inkscape. See if you can tell how I’ve used various Inkscape techniques to create simple effects such as the feathers on her hairpiece, netting for her veil, the shading of the roses, and her pearls. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I’ll be glad to share.

Happy drawing.