My Inkscape Journey

People Sample for Blog featured imageI decided to look back through my files to see how I have progressed in the last few years. Although it’s been slow coming, I can see that I have  improved. Getting help from others has been a big help, and I would suggest you take advantage of online groups and forums if you aren’t already doing that.  And to be honest, I really don’t hate many of those old illustrations! I’ve had fun while learning, and they bring me joy!

Below is a recent illustration of 3 very special young girls. I will continue to work at improving, and developing a style that is unique to me. Hopefully you are all enjoying your Inkscape journey as well.Illustration of 3 young girls

Happy Drawing,


Inkscape ~ Add Detail with a Wacom Tablet


Wacom examples for Eye Draw It post

Here are a couple of whimsical drawings that illustrate how I can add detail to my drawings with my Wacom tablet and pen.  The second example is an illustration I finished a year or so ago. I liked it but it needed something more. You can see all the added detail in the updated version.

Of course, most of this I could do with a mouse, but it would be very tedious and I don’t think I have the patience for that. It’s so much easier to add detail with a Wacom pen and tablet. I’m pretty happy with how I’m able to give my drawings more of a hand drawn look now that I have the drawing tablet.

I love Wacom!

Happy drawing.


Inkscape Techniques ~ Make Simple Changes to Your Drawing

Here is an infograph showing various ways to use the same basic illustration. The intent here is not to instruct in the various techniques, but rather to help you brainstorm some ideas.

None of the illustrations here have been drawn or cut out at this time so it is possible they need a little editing. However, I wanted to give you some suggestions that you can build on.  For those of you that have less experience with Inkscape, I hope to add more tutorials in the future that give additional information about how to accomplish these results.


elephant 4 techniques

Happy drawing!


Inkscape Tutorial… How to Draw a Tree Branch

I’ve wanted to learn how to do screen capture videos for quite some time. It’s such a great way to make Inkscape tutorials. Well, I finally stopped procrastinating and took the time to figure it out!

I’ve created two now. The first tutorial will walk you through drawing this little birdie. I haven’t posted it yet because it still needs a little work. But I do have the second one here for you which will show you how to draw a tree branch.

I use this method quite a lot in my drawings. Look here for a tree I drew. In this example used stroke with no fill to give it a “sketched” appearance.

I hope you enjoy my tutorials and learn something new about Inkscape.

Happy drawing.