Inkscape ~ Add Detail with a Wacom Tablet


Wacom examples for Eye Draw It post

Here are a couple of whimsical drawings that illustrate how I can add detail to my drawings with my Wacom tablet and pen.  The second example is an illustration I finished a year or so ago. I liked it but it needed something more. You can see all the added detail in the updated version.

Of course, most of this I could do with a mouse, but it would be very tedious and I don’t think I have the patience for that. It’s so much easier to add detail with a Wacom pen and tablet. I’m pretty happy with how I’m able to give my drawings more of a hand drawn look now that I have the drawing tablet.

I love Wacom!

Happy drawing.


Inkscape and Wacom Intuos Pro

I bought myself a new Wacom Intuos Pro… with a little help from birthday and Christmas gifts. Most of my Inkscape drawings start with vector shapes; it’s a little difficult to do much sketching with a mouse. And, I never have been very good at sketching with a pen and paper. However, I really like using a few freehand lines to add interest, and give my drawing a bit of that hand-drawn effect.

Eye Draw It Bird Sketched
Eye Draw It Bird Sketched

Here is an illustration of my little Eye Draw It birdie, modified with some small strokes created using my new Wacom Pen and Tablet.

Happy drawing.


Drawing People with Movement and Expression

Illustration of Pilgrim girl holding vegetables, drawn in Inkscape
Pilgrim Girl with Vegetables

The past couple of days I’ve had some time to do a little Inkscape drawing. I find it difficult to draw people that look natural so that is what I’ve been working on. Our brains are wired to pick up minute details in the faces of people, so we can tell right away when a drawing doesn’t look quite right. My people tend to look stiff and usually have a “deer in the headlights” look. Not good!

You can see looking at the Pilgrim Girl to the left, how stiff she looks.  She also has a “dazed look” to her eyes.

I’ve joined a couple Inkscape groups on Facebook and one in particular seems to be very helpful. The Inkscape- Draw Freely group has some very talented people who are willing to give suggestions and have given me some ideas to try.

Inkscape illustration of girl standing by a tree on windy day. Text says, "We cannot comtrol the wind, but we can adjust the Sail.
Girl in the Wind

After doing a little research and trying some suggestions, I did another drawing, making sure to use more curved lines and making some subtle changes to the eyes. I like the result much better, although I realize I still need more work on expressing emotion/ facial expression.

Also, take a look at the girl’s shirt and face and you will see that I used Inkscape’s Paint Bucket tool to add dimension. By filling in the same area multiple times with slightly different shades, I was able to achieve some depth.  Each time I added a layer with the Paint Bucket, I increased the amount of shrink. I like the way it worked and I think it gives it a bit of a water color effect.

Happy drawing.


Faux Christmas Deer Head

Illustration of Faux Deer mount with ornament and "Merry Christmas"
Merry Christmas Faux Deer Mount–

Since I can’t seem to sit still and just watch t.v., I am doing a little Inkscaping while I “watch” the Country Music Awards. I just showed Hubby what I finished drawing and he thinks it’s pretty weird! Hmmm… maybe he’s right, but I had fun designing it anyway.

Click here for a free SVG of my “weird” faux Christmas deer  mount.

Happy drawing!