More Inkscape Faux Applique

Inkscape illustration of bird applique on pillowFor some reason I am intrigued with the whole idea of creating faux applique using Inkscape. I can think of endless ways this could be used and it is just SO MUCH FUN! Today I drew the illustration here of my little Robin stitched to a pillow. (I know it is not the season for Robins, but I had to think of something in my files that was a simple drawing.) I wanted to see if I could use Pattern Along Path or Scatter to place various styles of faux embroidery stitches around a drawing. It worked great! Be sure to click on the picture here to take a closer look at the stitching.

I have not created a tutorial for this but may do so in the future if anyone is interested. (Have now added a tutorial.) In the meantime, I know there are some tutorials on the Inkscape Cutting Design forum for using Pattern Along Path and Scatter. (Check out this tutorial by Aussie Carolyn for using Scatter to make a scalloped circle.) I’m sure there are other tutorials out there as well if you do a search.

Happy drawing.


A Whimsical Robin

I realize the official start of summer is right around the corner, but up here in the north country it is just beginning to feel springlike. I am thrilled about this…. really I am…. except for one thing. I have a LOT of weeding to do in my flower gardens and I don’t look forward to battling the mosquitoes that often accompany the warm weather.

I’m not sure what signifies spring in the rest of the country, but in southern Michigan where I grew up, I always watched for the first Robin. Seeing that first red breasted bird after what seemed like a never-ending winter, somehow gave me hope. I suppose that’s why someone decided to make it Michigan’s state bird.

So…. in honor of this little host of spring, I’ve drawn a whimsical illustration of a Robin to use for my first tutorial.  (This little guy can also be found in My Free Clipart over on the Open Clipart website.) The simple tutorial will cover using lines and shapes in Inkscape. Click here to take a look at it.
Vector drawing of whimsical birdHappy drawing!