Wednesday is for Sewing ~ Free SVG File


Photo of Wednesday is for Sewing picture with Subway Art
Wednesday is for Sewing

Here is a cute little “Wednesday is for Sewing” illustration and free SVG for my series of “Weekday Chores”. If you’d like a copy,  click here.

It seems Wednesday was the traditional “sewing day”… I’m not sure why. Just about any day is a good day for sewing, if I am in the sewing mood. But, if you ask my mom, Sunday is definitely NOT for sewing. I was reminded of this several years ago when I spent a few days quilting with her. She stated that she would not be sewing on Sunday. She was quite alright with me sewing, but apparently her grandmother had been very strict about not sewing on the Lord’s Day, and Mother was not taking any chances. After all, Great Grandmother had told her she’d be “ripping out on Monday what was stitched on Sunday”.

Hmmmm… I wonder how Great Grandma would feel about blogging, Pinterest, Facebook, Inkscape… on Sunday…

Happy drawing!