My Inkscape Eagle in a Mission Style Frame

Here is my Inkscape Eagle picture in the beautiful frame my hubby made. I’m not completely satisfied with the print, but in the spirit of my new mantra, “Be brave enough to make bad art”, I wanted to try it out anyway. I ended up printing it out on watercolor paper. The watercolor paper does not show as much detail and the picture turned out a bit dull (though not as dull as it appears in the photograph), but I liked the texture and color. Click on the picture below to see the texture.

I have been experimenting using different papers/surfaces to see how my digital media prints out on my inkjet printer. I’ve discovered a vast difference can be achieved with various surfaces (canvas, presentation paper, photo paper, etc.) and may explore that further for a future post.

Thanks for visiting my blog and happy drawing!


Inkscape Eagle

My wonderful hubby surprised me by making an awesome Mission Style picture frame. I’m working on an Inkscape drawing to put into it. What do you think about this?

If you haven’t already done so, Download Inkscape and give it a try. Inkscape is a great free (and open source) drawing program and there are a lot of wonderful tutorials online that can get you started if you are not familiar with Vector drawing programs. I have a few tutorials on this site, including this simple tutorial to help you learn how to use Inkscape if you are brand new to it.

Happy drawing!