Inkscape ~ Add Detail with a Wacom Tablet


Wacom examples for Eye Draw It post

Here are a couple of whimsical drawings that illustrate how I can add detail to my drawings with my Wacom tablet and pen.  The second example is an illustration I finished a year or so ago. I liked it but it needed something more. You can see all the added detail in the updated version.

Of course, most of this I could do with a mouse, but it would be very tedious and I don’t think I have the patience for that. It’s so much easier to add detail with a Wacom pen and tablet. I’m pretty happy with how I’m able to give my drawings more of a hand drawn look now that I have the drawing tablet.

I love Wacom!

Happy drawing.


Whimsical Wonder

illustration of cone flowerAs I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy photography.  I especially love to take photos of small things…. little bugs, tiny flowers, an unusual leaf… the kind of things many people walk right by without a notice.

If you’ve traveled much, you may have seen me. I’m the photographer crouched down snapping a picture of a small, barely noticeable flower while standing at the edge of the majestic Grand Canyon! My husband thinks I’m a little nuts… and I suppose he’s right. But what fun is it to shoot pictures of what everyone else is looking at? Of course I’ll take a photo of the canyon. But what I really want to do is capture what others miss. Our Creator has given us so much more to enjoy if we take the time to look beyond the obvious.

Drawing with Inkscape is just another way for me to express what I see everyday. There are times when I want to illustrate the obvious… like photographing the Grand Canyon. But I’ve found that what I enjoy most is drawing things the way eye see them… with a sense of “Whimsical Wonder”!

If you’d like an SVG file of my Cone Flower shown here, click here. I have begun a small collection of free clip art that can be downloaded for your personal use. This particular illustration was drawn in such a way that it would be appropriate to cut and use for scrapbooking or card making.  However, you are free to edit it in any way you like for your own purposes. If you enjoy any of my clipart, please let me know how you are using it.

Happy drawing!