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Post updated on 10.18.2015

Okay… say what you want… but I really don’t like “That October Holiday… Halloween. There are several reasons for this, I suppose.  I don’t like creepy, scary, gorey, evil… stuff. I do like seeing the little toddlers dressed up going door to door; but please…. I don’t want adult-sized people in creepy costumes asking me for candy! When my kids were little, I got tired of trying to come up with new costumes each and every year. I usually ended up sewing something for them, which I suppose was fun for a couple of years, but lost its appeal when they got a little older.

Have you ever worked in an elementary school on Halloween? Can you say, “Chaos”? I think what really was the last straw for me in regards to this holiday was the year it was decided we were no longer allowed to display a Christmas tree in December. But, there seemed to be no restrictions for Halloween decorations when the next October rolled around.

Before you label me a “Halloween Scrooge”, let me offer you this free SVG. You can see by my little black cat here that I really don’t dislike everything about “That October Holiday”. If nothing else, October 31st is another excuse to get creative with Inkscape.

10-15-2014: If you’d like to see how to add a drop shadow such as you see here, check out this infograph tutorial.Inkscape illusration of black cat dressed in pumpkin costume

Happy drawing!


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  1. Well, I love Halloween and have very fond childhood memories of an extremely talented mother making me costumes and painting my face. I looked forward to it every year and still do. The yearly trips out to the house I was born in, visiting Claude and Mable, pouring out candy on G’ma and G’pa’s floor… Crispy colored leaves, a cool moonlight night, and all in the afterglow of a birthday celebration with Dad… Super cute pic… Don’t be a scrooge. 😉

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