Using Inkscape, Cuttlebug, and Silhouette to Create a Card

These CAS-ual Fridays gals have inspired me to create another card! For this week’s card challenge I designed in Inkscape, and used both my Cuttlebug and Silhouette. I like the looks of text inside of text and found it easy to accomplish in Inkscape. I used a pen in my Silhouette to draw the text on white presentation paper. However, I think if I do it again, I’ll use a little heavier card stock. The green piece was embossed with the Cuttlebug. The branch and bird were drawn using Inkscape and cut out of leftover programs from my daughter’s wedding. I tried cutting the leaves out as well, but decided they were too small. So, I used a pen in my Silhouette.

The rick-rack bow was an afterthought. Actually…. I put it there to cover a mistake. 😉 The ink from the wedding program that I cut the branch from bled when I glued it and made a bit of a mess on the white background. I wasn’t about to start over…. so the bow. I think I like it!

Happy drawing!


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