Wedding Reception Boxed Lunch “Thank You” Tag… with Silhouette Cameo

Our daughter’s recent wedding reception was an informal outdoor affair. The meal was a boxed lunch and the bride wanted to add a little thank you to the box. She asked me to make a tag that could be tied on with baker’s twine. I used double-sided card stock and my Silhouette Cameo to create this cute tag. It was simple to design using the Silhouette software. I opted to use my pen holder by Chomas Creations (love it!) and a gel pen for the typography rather than doing a “print and cut”.  Look closely and you’ll see that I made stickers for the sandwiches using the same process. I like the effect of the pen and it is easier because I can just leave it in the cutter for the entire process rather than having to use both the printer and cutter. After the tags were cut out, I distressed them with ink. Angie and I were both pretty happy with how they turned out.

Happy drawing.


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